Game 49

Rogers113 Games left in the season and the Yankees have a lot of work to do.  Coming into tonight’s game against the Blue Jays (22-27), the Bombers are looking up at 12.5 games they need to make up if they want to make this the tenth straight season with a division title, an achievement just about everyone is saying can’t be done.

Yesterday in the Daily News, the Yankees comparison to the 1978 was mocked by most saying that the team that went on to overcome 14 games back in July and win the World Series was much different than the team we are presented with in 2007.

But, this team has yet to show its true colors and you have to believe tonight is the night that the Yankees begin a historic comeback.  There is always that chance that Matt DeSalvo will fold tonight and McGowan who a 7.17 ERA will pitch a gem and shutdown the Bombers who have done anything but bomb the opposition this season.

Tonight could be the start of something the Yankees need more than ever.  That run that Joe Torre keeps waiting for when they win 9 of 10, putting together a serious string of wins.  There is not a much better time than against the Jays, a division opponent and team struggling just like the Bombers.  There truly is no better time because the Yankees are running out of time.


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