Goose egg

You can’t win games when you don’t score runs.  The Yankees problem had been getting good pitching before, now that they found some good pitching, they aren’t helping it out.

10.2 innings pitched from Darrell Rasner over his previous two starts and only 3 runs allowed by him.  Tonight Joe Torre took the right hander out too early (after the 5th with 78 pitches) and who else came in but Mr. Proctor, it wouldn’t be a Yankees game if Scott Proctor didn’t pitch.  I forgot, but isn’t he part of the formula when the Bombers are winning to hold the lead?  Now he is pitching when we are down by three with plenty of other bullpen options.

But, Rasner was not the problem.  Bobby Abreu (.243), Robinson Cano (.242), and Hideki Matsui (.243) continued to swing at pitches nowhere near being called strikes and the breaking balls from Washburn had Abreu looking he was just called up to the bigs for the first time as Abreu continues to slump terribly and hurt the Yankees at the top of the lineup.
Its usually Johnny Damon sitting out with calf strains, but available to pinch hit later in the game, but tonight the injured Yankee out of the lineup was Jason Giambi as he sat out with bone spurs, (thought Torre might have kept him out with ridiculous precautions), but it is hard to win ball games with a different lineup each night (not counting the switches of Mientkiewicz and Phelps).  Jason is making $23,428,571 without having to use a glove.  He’s really earning that paycheck sitting on the bench, unavailable for four at bats as the DH.

Frustration is setting is as it had begun to fade last week when the Yankees looked like they were actually starting to heat up and were going to go on a serious roll here before hitting the part in their schedule that includes the White Sox, Mets, Red Sox, Angels, Blue Jays, Red Sox, and White Sox, all in that order.  Maybe the Blue Jays are not what they could have been given the injuries they are currently dealing with, however all seven of those series are against contending teams.

There is still time left in May and the Yankees are 7-4 in the month with 17 games left in the month after finish five games under .500 in April.  With Matt DeSalvo going tomorrow to work off his incredible first start and Andy Pettitte set to go on Sunday, the Yankees need to pick up these two wins before heading to Chicago.  They are getting the pitching, it’s time to start hitting.


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