April showers bring…THE ROCKET

Rocket_1He’s back, and earlier than expected.  Roger Clemens has returned to the Bronx and will join a rotation that currently holds Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte, and Mike Mussina.  With the outing Darrell Rasner gave today, he might be back after he is optioned out.  Philip Hughes is playing catch and looks to be back in four to six weeks.

The Rocket is back, and the reaction in the Bronx today was just what this team needed.  Between a shutout win, a strong starting pitching performance, and Hideki Matsui joining the coveted Meikyukia club, Japan’s highest sports honor, Roger Clemens announced his return and like Michael Kay has said before "pandemonium in the Bronx."

What does this mean for the Yankees?  Well, for one, their rotation is starting to shape up.  Now that they are getting healthy, the Bombers will be able to make up the lost ground from their April troubles as they have already started out 5-1 in May.

Clemens will give the Yankees great pitching, and as you can see by his numbers in Houston, he hasn’t lost a step since he left the Bronx, and he is hungry to get his third ring in pinstripes.  Clemens will be able to teach Philip Hughes his own tricks and get the youngster prepared to be the next ace in the Yanks’ rotation of the future.

Roger Clemens was throwing in the bullpen after the game today.  The Yankees are heating up and it’s only a matter of time until the Rocket returns to the hill.


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