0 for 1

Pettitte_1 Well, like I had said before the Yankees need to win at least two games this weekend from Boston, so that the season series would be at 2-4 and they would have 12 games to play with in order to win the 18-game series from the Red Sox, which ulitmately could decide the AL East Champion and the season.

Last night the Bombers dropped the one game they could drop, one where Andy Pettitte was given the lead, and gave it right back.  The offense was subpar, putting up four runs, and doing nothing to the bullpen.  Doug Mientkiewicz once again displayed how awful he is at the plate right now (no one cares that you hit .283 or that you WERE a good hitter) and Bobby Abreu showed that he has no idea what is coming when Daisuke Matsuzaka is on the mound, as he swung at first pitch strikes, the same guy who walks 100+ times a season and is suppose to be the OBP machine. 

A-Rod has come back down to Earth.  I understand it has only been two games without a home run and no one expects him to hit one everyday, but he did not look at the plate last night, taking terrible swings at outside pitches (mainly breaking balls) the way Alex Rodriguez 2004-2006 did. 

Scott Proctor is still inconsistent, and Luis Vizcaino is worse.  Yeah, yeah they have had a lot of appearances, so what, that is your job, that is why you make multi-millions, not so Julio Lugo, who has about as much power as John Flaherty did, can take you deep down the left field line.  And Mariano, I understand you have had a lack of work, but that contract you were look for in spring training is getting farther and farther away from getting done and it’s only April.

The only positive from the game is that the Yankees know they have Daisuke’s number.  Sure, people will say he got the W and he pitched six innings, but pitcher’s records are not a true indicator of their actual performances (take a look at the Josh Beckett, Mr. 5-0, who easily could be 4-1, had the Yankees pitching not given up so many runs).

All in all, it was another loss, the first of this series, and the seventh in a row.  30 minutes from now, they will have a shot at redemption.  A shot to win a game and possibly go on a streak.  A shot to not be 8-14, and 0-5 against Boston.



  1. levelboss@levelboss.com

    one change i think should happen is making Josh Phelps the everyday firstbaseman; Doug Mientkiewicz should go in a late-inning defensive capacity

    other than that, it’s a matter of getting the starter regulars in and holding it down

    go Spankees

  2. Michael

    and Alex looked that way today too.
    I think we’ll see more of the old A-Rod now.

    But he has a 34 RBI and 14 home run cushion.

    I predict a 43 home run / 135 RBI season with an average of about .289.

    Still a fantastic season as along as he still plays good defense and does other things well he could still be looking at a third MVP award in 5 years.

    Too bad he’s going to opt out.


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